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​​Reach for Health is a unique health rehabilitation centre focused on helping people recovering from traumatic health events or living with chronic life-long illness.  We also cater for those wishing to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle with expert guidance.    ​Telephone us for a chat or talk to your doctor about a referral. We look forward to helping you

For those of us who have suffered a major health trauma or live with a debilitating life-long illness there are very few, if any, places where we can find holistic support.  Invariably most of the organisations or people that we visit as a result of our condition are hospitals or medical centres, or doctors, nurses or other health professionals.  Despite long waiting times, these consultations are usually short on time and focus on the illness more than on us as an individual.  Seldom is it appreciated that the illness is only a part of us; we are not part of our illness. Most of the improvements offered are based on medical procedures and/or pharmaceuticals, often necessary but not always as effective as we would hope.

But there is something else we can do; somewhere we can go to discover ways to almost always help us toward a better quality of life.  That place is at Reach for Health, which not only offers expertise in how to mitigate the effect of our illness but concentrates on us as a person, offering that holistic support we need with compassion and understanding.  If you would like to gain greater control of your illness or disability and hopefully see a real improvement in your quality of life then please take some time to look at this website. You will begin to understand why Reach for Health is so successful in its mission. 

Who is Reach for Health for?​

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