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Harriet joined Reach for Health in June 2015 as our first ever apprentice having just finished a 1 year course at Moulton College Northampton.  She is now a qualified Level 2 gym instructor and Level 3 personal trainer.    

'To have this opportunity is amazing as I really wanted a job that is rewarding not only for me but also for those that I can hopefully help in the future to attain a decent level of fitness despite the drawbacks of any health issues they may have'.


Rebecca is a member at Reach For Health and has a background in buying in menswear for House Of  Fraser and PR.  She gained a BA (Hons) degree in Retail, Business and Finance at Leeds Metropolitan University. Rebecca joined the gym after being diagnosed with MS. Despite her background in retail, she dislikes shopping but loves spending time with her young daughter.

Henry Lugton

Commissioned and did my 2 years in the Royal Engineers ,  Archtects Dept Bucks CC, then into private practice through to 2002. On the way became a partner involved in design and construction of buildings for major developments across Europe, clients including British Aerospace for Test Buildings for the engines and wings of the Airbus, AEI Generation and desalination plant in Las Palmas,  Courage Brewing,nrew HQ, and Distribution Depots. Prudential Assurance, London Transport, Norwich Union, and many others, including residential developments. Worked in our offices in London and managed our links in Paris and Madrid, Bristol. Retired in 2002.


Liz had been involved at Reach for Health for 3 years as a user and volunteer before becoming our administrator. She is  a qualified Level 2 exercise instructor and also a Heart Start instructor  



​​Wadge's story began by gaining a Bachelors degree in sports science at Liverpool University and then to the University of London to study the principles and practice of Medicine.  In 1984 he opened his first fitness centre in Weedon called ‘Wadges’, this soon became a huge success, with over 1500 members at its peak.

During 1994 Wadge decided it was time for a change and opened a new centre now known as ‘Reach for Health’, which became a registered charity under Daventry Health and Rehabilitation Trust in 2010.  The specific aim of Reach for Health is to target a different type of client; the person who doesn’t normally do exercise, the person who needs it most, people with serious illness and those with disabilities.  Wadge became accredited by the NHS 2003 as a willing provider, and was invited into the membership of the Royal Society of Medicine 2009 and is now a Senior Member. 

In his spare time Wadge works for the Ambulance service as a First Responder going to 999 calls in his area, he also enjoys cycling, mountain climbing, playing the guitar and spending time with his family in Wales.​ 

Wadge hopes that having established (DHRT) Reach for Health as a charity he will be able to leave a legacy that will go on helping people with health issues such as Strokes, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Brain Injuries, Disabilities, etc, for many years to come.

'I have always believed that successful ageing and quality of life depends on remaining as active as possible, what we do here makes that more possible for people'

Our Team

Media Support

​Carole Chisholm

I have worked in a number of different sectors but my main career, for over 30 years, was in the public sector; mostly as an IT and business consultant. I hold an MBA from Leeds Metropolitan University. I had to take early retirement due to Lupus (SLE) in 2011 and now focus on spending time with my Grandson. I am also addicted to quilting/sewing and creating multi-media art. Since joining RfH in 2015 I have seen a vast improvement in my fitness level, which has enabled me to manage my symptoms more effectively and improved my quality of life.

Robert Juson

​​I started as a trainee with a company in the timber industry aged 19 and was invited to join the main board of directors of the company aged 29.  I remained a senior executive in the industry until 2004 when unfortunately I had to retire early due to major health problems associated with lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus), which had been diagnosed in 2002.  I have since also had to deal with a very aggressive form of cancer.  I have always been a great believer in the benefits of regular exercise and good nutrition; having known Wadge (our medical referral consultant) since the early 1980’s, in more recent years he has helped enormously in the management and control of my illnesses by way of regular, tailored exercise programs.  Having used Reach for Health for some years I was asked to join the trustees as an advisor to help sort a few issues, which ultimately led to my being asked to join the trustee board of the operating charity, Daventry Health Rehabilitation Trust.  Having experienced first hand the benefits that the centre offers I was very honoured to be asked and readily accepted.

Alan Colsey

Retired from the Ambulance Service after 43 years, qualified as a paramedic in 1987. I was one of the first British Heart Foundation sponsored Community Defibrillation Officers, helping to set up, train and support Community Responder Schemes. After returning from New Zealand in 2009 where I completed one of their famous long distance trails, I had a cardiac problem and then developed gallstones. These took until 2010 to sort out and I was then referred to RfH by my GP. I was a previous member and knew Wadge from old. I got involved in volunteering that year and was asked to become a Trustee. One of my particular interests because of my background is our work in cardiac and stroke rehabilitation. I was heavily involved in RfH getting their defibrillator and oxygen set, and with Joe Davis' training as British Heart Foundation Heartstart instructor. We have trained around 100 people in emergency life support. 

Reach for Health receives no income from the NHS or any other government body.  

If you would like to make a donation please use the ‘DONATE’ button above, or contact us if you would like further information, thank you.

The Trustees oversee the business and finances of the Charity and provides direction for the operation and the very important fund raising activities. 

​​​The Daventry Health and Rehabilitation Trust (operating as Reach for Health) was established in 2010. It's purpose is to provide accessible facilities, rehabilitation and associated services to those disadvantaged by poor health. 

Reach for Health quickly developed strong links with local doctors and consultants by offering pre and post operative exercise and ongoing physiotherapy. This led to a request by the Daventry and South Northants Primary Care Trust for the centre to offer a medical referral service.

The Charities’ founder and Medical Referral Consultant is Wadge Grzelak. He is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine with over 30 years experience in supporting people to recover from a serious illness or Major Health Trauma, Strokes, Brain Injuries, Heart Attack and Major Surgery. 

We work together to change peoples lives by listening deeply to their needs and concerns and by encouraging and supporting their efforts.  In doing this, we make things happen that otherwise would not.

​We have the following specialist equipment on site and available at all times:

         -  AED (Defibrillator)
         -  AED Trainer
         -  On site Oximeter and Oxygen Therapy equipment​


Karen joined Reach For Health as a member in 2012 and then went on to become a gym buddy not long after.  As gym life became a passion, Karen went on to gain a certificate in fitness instructing, gym based QCF. in 2013. In 2014 she gained a level 3 diploma in exercise referral. Also a trained counsellor, Karen's focus is to care for people, young and old and to enable people to get the most out of life. Karen loves to bake, sew and be out in the fresh air. 

' It's a very supportive family for me, that's not just the staff and the volunteers but the members too'.

Board of Trustees

-  ECG Heart Monitor​
-  2 x Rollators  ( walking aids )


Dan started his training at Reach for Health in 2011 and has gained his Level 2 and 3 in Sport and Exercise Science. Recently he has acquired a degree in BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science.

‘My time at Reach for Health has taught me that through the correct rehabilitation, hard work and determination anything is achievable’


Carole is a member and one of the Trustees at Reach for Health who worked for over 30 years in the public sector, mostly as an IT and business consultant, during which time she gained an MBA at Leeds Metropolitan University. She had to take early retirement due to Lupus (SLE) in 2011 and now likes to spend time quilting/sewing and creating multi-media art.