Artist’s impression of the proposed new Reach for Health building
Courtesy of Roger Coy Partnership, Eydon.

The future of Reach for Health is under threat!

Reach for Health is approaching a situation that may well threaten the future continuation of the charity and all of the benefit that it provides. In July 2020 the lease on our existing premises at High March, Daventry, expires. The lease is with Daventry District Council and there will be no option to renew as the area may be redeveloped. If we were to be offered a lease on alternative premises we are informed that this would have to be on full commercial terms; estimated at 3 times our current rent and simply beyond the charity’s affordability. We will therefore need new premises from which to operate and with continually increasing demand these will need to be larger and much more modern and efficient than the existing building.

The ideal solution is to raise sufficient funds to construct a new purpose built centre, on a site free of ground rent that will accommodate the increased demand for health rehabilitation services both now and in the future.

This solution will also allow us to offer additional specialist services. The current services offered by Reach for Health are largely confined to exercise based health rehabilitation. However, within the skill set of our current coaching team we have the skills needed for additional services that to date we have not had the space to offer. These additional services are entirely sports based. It is our intention to add Sports Health Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Rehabilitation to the portfolio of services available at the new centre. Our research so far has confirmed the demand for these services; many of the referrals will come from existing sources, the difference being that for these we will be able to charge normal commercial fees. We have already made good progress in identifying the ideal site and are very hopeful that it will be made available to us. The cost to construct a new purpose built centre and car park is estimated at circa £850,000. We have targeted to raise these funds by July 2019 and to complete the new centre by July 2020. It may sound like a huge sum of money but when one considers the number of people that will immediately benefit combined with those that will benefit in years to come, It is a worthy investment in the future health of our community.