Chris Heaton-Harris

Reach for health is one of the most valuable organisations in our community, one which we cannot afford to lose. They have my support in helping them to achieve their aims in any way that I am able to, but they need more than that.

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Rob Juson

Reach for Health is the operating name of the charity Daventry Health Rehabilitation Trust, a registered charity that was formed in 2010 from an organisation that has been in operation for over 20 years.  Our team at Reach for Health have wide ranging skills that are...

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Dr. Matthew Davies

‘’Thank you doctor- that’s the best thing you have ever advised me to do.” That sums up people’s reaction after joining Reach for Health, (RfH), and experiencing the support that patients with a whole range of physical, emotional and psychological conditions receive...

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Wadge Grzelak

As a nation the population is getting older, the number of people over the age of 65 is 1 predicted to rise to 24% by 2035. In 1975 those living past 65 was only 14.1%.

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Keith Brace

No one can predict the future, but everyone can prepare for it…
Personal protection often plays a vital role in helping individuals and their families during some of the most difficult times in their lives.

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Joan Dupey

‘Inspiring Times’ is certainly a fitting title for the work of Reach for Health and the impact this has had on those, like me, who make use of it.  In January 2013 I suffered a serious haemorrhagic stroke, requiring life-saving brain surgery, and was discharged from...

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I urge everybody to work with Reach for Health to let patients become clients and prevent clients becoming patients.

Dr Matthew Davies
General Practitioner

We are seeking the opportunity to re-shape our destiny, if successful we will do so in a considered, planned and rational way to enable us to provide the best health rehabilitation to the people we serve.

Rob Juson
Chair of Trustees

I will do anything I can to help Reach for Health; I really believe that it has saved me!

Becky Salisbury
Member of Reach for Health