As your local MP I visit many different types of organisations and charities. All are really interesting and provide excellent services and help; occasionally I come across one that is truly exceptional and benefits so many from our community. Reach for Health is one of those truly exceptional charities and it has been my pleasure to visit them over a number of years, watch them grow and witness how much they have achieved. Now it is being used by many of our local GP’s and NHS Hospitals as a centre to help with the rehabilitation of those who have experienced a major health trauma even though no monies are received for the services provided. Despite the increased demands and helping an astonishing number of people, Reach for Health has remarkably remained viable.

They are now reaching a point where they need major financial support from all who are interested, willing and able to support them, whether that be private individuals, commercial organisations or charitable trusts. The premises they currently rent from Daventry District Council are old, inefficient and too small to cope with the increasing demands. The lease is due to expire in July 2020; there will be no option to renew the lease anyway as the area may be redeveloped. The lease on any new premises would be on commercial terms and currently Reach for Health simply cannot afford the huge increase in rent that this would entail. The only realistic way forward is for them to raise sufficient funds to construct a purpose-built building that would be free of rent. This would allow them greater space and the opportunity to increase the services they offer, something they are unable to do in the present premises.

It would be terrible to lose the outstanding services that Reach for Health provide in improving the health and wellbeing of so many local people, my constituents, who have suffered a major health trauma or are living with a long-term or life-long illness and my fear is what they contribute to the local health economy is grossly undervalued and the full benefit may only be realised if they were to disappear.
What they are aiming to achieve will cost around £850,000 — a big ask, but when you consider the large number of people they have helped locally and what I know they can do for lots more people in the future, it becomes a target worth aiming for.

So if you would like to help, please get in touch with any of their hard-working trustees.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Member of Parliament