Referrals – Medical Professionals

Referring to Reach for Health for medical professionals is a very easy process. Although we are an independent charity and receive no funding from the NHS we are the only non-NHS organisation in Northamptonshire to have been granted an email address for referrals by NENE CCG.  Our referral form can be found on the NENE CCG portal or can be downloaded from this pages and emailed to

Our Daventry centre helps those who have experienced a major health trauma together with those experiencing long term and life-long serious health conditions. We are an NHS Accredited Willing Provider. We are ARNI Institute registered to accept stroke survivors and work with the Northampton General Hospital Community Stroke Team. We are qualified to carry out Cardio-Rehab to the maximum Phase 4 Level and work with the Cardio Rehabilitation Team and the NHS Restart Team and C.O.P.D. patients. Over 90% of our users are now referred to us by their GP’s, NHS Hospital doctors, consultants or other Health Professionals. We are currently receiving in the region of 500 new NHS referrals per year. We cover significantly more than basic weight or inactivity problems, the range of illnesses we help with is far reaching and includes mental as well as physical, for example; Osteoarthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma, Stress, Stroke, Angina, Cancer, C.O.P.D, Anxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Brain Injury, Neck Pain, Weight Problems, Joint Replacement Recovery, Back Pain, Poor Mobility, Amputees, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Vascular Disease, Hypertension, Lupus (Sle), Rheumatism, Knee Pain and more.


This is what makes Reach for Health unique. No other centre in Northamptonshire receives the number or type of referrals as Reach for Health because there is no other centre in Northamptonshire that is able to competently deal with such a vast range of conditions, many of which are very severe. Many of the people we help arrive in wheelchairs or are using walking aids, a rare sight in most other centres. To our knowledge we are the only centre in Northamptonshire to have been accepted for and signed the Armed Forces Covenant for recovery services of Physical and Mental
health rehabilitation.

During March 2016 NHS England produced a 159 page report entitled Commissioning Guidance for Rehabilitation which is intended for use by clinical commissioning groups to support them in commissioning rehabilitation services for their local population.


Direct debit or cash monthly
Concession - £26.00
Standard - £33.00
Additional family member - £26.00

Concession - £286.00
Standard - £363.00
Additional family member - £286.00

Per session - from £5.25
Guest per session - £7.50

CONSULTATION - from £10.00

All direct debits can be cancelled BUT cancellations must be made through this centre. £1.50 per month of remaining agreement will be charged on cancellation.