As Chair of Trustees of this remarkable charity I am frequently asked the question, “what makes The Reach for Health Centre so successful?” It is probably the easiest question for me to answer because it is the one thing that all of our Trustees are most proud of, “our coaching team.” I spend a lot of my time at the centre and over the years have witnessed the substantial improvements the team have made to the lives of many hundreds of people using a combination of patience, encouragement and skill. I have also learned not to underestimate their ability and focused determination to achieve the best possible outcomes, often way beyond expectations. The coaching team have devised a method of working as individuals and teams to derive the best possible results for those that attend the centre in need of health rehabilitation. They each have individual areas of responsibility that are designed to dovetail and encourage communication and support from each other. Wadge Grzelak is our centre director and mentor to every member of our coaching team.  He has substantial experience in physical and mental health rehabilitation, as well as being ‘hands on’ he puts this wealth of knowledge to good use in guiding the team to continually improve our services and outcomes. Wadge also leads all aspects of the partnership we have with the University of Northampton. Dan Miller is our centre manager, a chartered physiotherapist and placement supervisor for University of Northampton Occupational Therapy students.  Dan is also involved in a major research project being conducted jointly by The Reach for Health Centre and The University of Northampton. Karen Miller is our Cancer Rehabilitation lead, she is a coach very experienced in physical and mental health rehabilitation and tailors programs for both pre and post surgery. Maisy Radford is our DNAfit lead, a new service enabling fitness and nutrition to be specifically tailored to an individual’s genetic makeup. Maisy is also a placement supervisor for UoN Occupational Therapy students and involved in the joint research project. Harriet Crossley is our medical referrals lead, ensuring that all NHS referrals are seen by the coach best suited to their individual needs. Harriet is also responsible for organising the staff rota and keeps everyone in line! Connor Morris is our falls prevention lead and will be taking on the responsibility for the new initiative to be launched late Summer/early Autumn 2020, ‘AHA’ – Active Healthy Ageing.  A tailored program designed for the more mature who are reasonably fit, active and healthy to stay that way for as long as possible.
Remarkable people, forming a remarkable team, achieving remarkable things in health rehabilitation.
Over 95% of our users are now referred to us by their GP’s, NHS Hospital doctors and consultants or other Health Professionals.  We are currently receiving in the region of 500 new NHS referrals per year.  Despite the fact that we are recognised so strongly by the NHS we receive no income from them or any other governmental organisation.    Our current sources of income are derived from a small monthly charge to users, that equates to an average of £2.40 per visit, local fundraising carried out by our staff, volunteers, members and trustees and occasional grants that are invariably used to purchase new equipment. If you or your organisation wish to be associated with this amazing charity please contact me to discuss how you can help or for any further information that you may require. We would be very pleased to hear from any potential commercial sponsors.