Stay Active Programme 2

Please perform each exercise safely and within your limits.

Main session:

Level 1| 1 set    

Level 2| 2 sets

Level 3| 3 sets

Warm up: 10 minutes

1. Star jumps

Increase speed to increase intensity 

Main session: x10-15 repetitions

To increase intensity

Hip adduction: hold for longer

Side lunge: add weight

1. Hip adduction/pillow squeeze


1. Side lunge

2. Tricep extension

To add resistance hold water bottles/tinned food in extended hand

3. Knee to chest

To increase intensity
old at end range

4. Reverse row

Increase tension in towel

Stretches: hold for 15 sec

1. Cross leg

To increase intensity
Hold stretch for longer

2. Arm cross chest

To increase intensity
Hold stretch for longer

Programme 2 is demonstrated by Team Member Maisy.

In 2019, Maisy graduated with a 2:1 in BSc (Hons) Physical Activity and Health at Leeds Beckett University. There she focused on how to design and deliver physical activity interventions that have a lasting and positive impact on people’s lives and enhance the nation’s health through prevention and treatment methods.