Stay Active Programme 4

Please perform each exercise safely and within your limits.

Main session:

Level 1| 1 set    

Level 2| 2 sets

Level 3| 3 sets

Warm up: 10 minutes

To increase intensity increase speed

1. Marching

1. Sit to stand press

Main session: x10-15 repetitions

1. Hip abduction

Push pillow against side of chair or sofa using the outside of your leg and hold

1. Side leg raises

2. Chest Squeeze

Push hands together and to increase intensity hold squeeze for longer

2. Press up

3. Heel slides

Add a towel underneath your heels to control and slow the movements down to increase intensity

3. Bridge
(raised feet on higher surface and toes up)

To add resistance hold water bottles/tinned food on hips making sure you push through your heels and on to your shoulder blades

4. Shoulder shrugs

Stretches: hold for 15 sec

1. Pectoral stretch

Open arms as wide as you can go so you can feel the stretch across your chest

2. Straight leg with towel

Shorten length of towel to increase the stretch


2. Lunge

Leaning forwards, making sure that your back heel stays on the ground.

To increase the stretch, this can be done by pushing against a wall

Programme 4 is demonstrated by Team Member Maisy.