Stay Active Programme 5

Please perform each exercise safely and within your limits.

Main session:

Level 1| 1 set    

Level 2| 2 sets

Level 3| 3 sets

Warm up: 10 minutes

To increase intensity, try to increase speed!

1. Star jumps

1. Marching/jogging on spot

Main session: x10-15 repetitions

To increase intensity
Hold for 2-5 seconds when heels are raised before returning to start position

1. Calf raises

2. Isometric rotation extension with towel

Start with loose and then pull outwards so that tension remains in towel, rotating hands to face each other

3. Leg extension hold

Hold for 2-5 seconds in extension position

3. Lunge

To add resistance hold water bottles/tinned food in each hand

4. Front shoulder raise

To add resistance, hold water bottles/tinned food in each hand and perform exercise

Stretches: hold for 15 sec

1. Toe up

2. Hugging a tree

Drop head to increase stretch and then hold for longer to increase intensity

Programme 5 is demonstrated by Team Member Dan.