Stay Active Programme 7

Please perform each exercise safely and within your limits.

Main session:

Level 1| 1 set    

Level 2| 2 sets

Level 3| 3 sets

Warm up: 10 minutes

To increase intensity, try to increase speed!

1. Marching

1. Invisible skipping

Main session: x10-15 repetitions

1. Calf raises

Hold for 2-5 seconds when heels are raised before returning to start position

2. Side bends

To add resistance hold water bottles/tinned food in each hand

3. Knee to chest

When your knee is in towards your chest, hold for 2-5 seconds before returning back to start position to increase the intensity

4. Torso twists

Hold twist position for longer or add resistance by holding a water bottle / tinned food together with both hands

Stretches: hold for 15 sec

1. Overhead side bends

Hold for longer

2. Touch toes

Hold for longer and try to stretch further each time

Programme 7 is demonstrated by Team Member Dan.