Stay Active Programme 9

Please perform each exercise safely and within your limits.

Main session:

Level 1| 1 set    

Level 2| 2 sets

Level 3| 3 sets

Warm up: 10 minutes

To increase intensity, try to increase your speed!

1. Seated burpees

1. Marching/jogging on the spot

Main session: x10-15 repetitions

1. Static hamstring curl

Place both legs on a hard surface and push down. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds, relax and repeat

2. Towel reverse fly

Starting with the towel loose then pull the towel apart. To increase intensity, hold the towel under tension for 5 seconds and repeat

3. Leg extension

To increase the intensity, hold your leg in the extended position for 5 seconds, before returning back to the starting position

4. Shoulder shrugs

To add resistance hold water bottles/tinned food in each hand

Stretches: hold for 15 sec

1. Open and close gate

Starting with both feet flat on the floor, then lift one leg and move it to the side – this is opening the gate. To ‘close the gate’ return back to the start position. Repeat on opposite side

2. Neck stretches

Slowly moving your neck side to side and holding when you feel the stretch

Programme 9 is demonstrated by Team Member Dan.