Chris Heaton-Harris

Chris Heaton-Harris

I was delighted when asked if I would share my thoughts about The Reach for Health Centre. As your local MP, I visit many different types of organisations and charities. All are really interesting and provide excellent services and help; occasionally, I come across one that is truly exceptional and benefits so many from our community. The Reach for Health Centre is one of those truly exceptional charities and it has been my pleasure to visit them over a number of years, watch them grow and witness how much they have achieved. The Reach for Health Centre is being used for referrals by most of our local GP’s and NHS hospitals as a specialist centre for rehabilitation for those who have experienced major health trauma. The Reach for Health Centre receives no monies from the NHS for the services provided; consequently, it is necessary to charge service users, albeit at subsidised rates. Despite the increased demands and helping an astonishing number of people from our local communities The Reach for Health Centre, has remarkably remained viable. 

For quite a while it has been obvious that the current premises are no longer suitable and too small to offer the space, equipment and range of services needed by the growing number of people who need the Charity’s help and support.

Happily, in response to this desperate need and in recognition of the benefits provided to local residents by The Reach for Health Centre, Daventry District Council have undertaken to provide a new purpose-designed building for the Charity, located at the Sports Ground on Western Avenue.

I can tell you that the Charity is enormously grateful to Daventry District Council and has ambitious plans to make full use of this wonderful new building. In order to do this, they obviously need to purchase additional and new specialist equipment for the rehabilitation area, as well as furniture and equipment for the new treatment rooms and social area. You may not be aware that the charity has always paid rent and rates and will continue to do so in the new premises, and with its other running costs, outside help will be needed in order to provide the best possible facility.

The Reach for Health Centre is one of the most valuable organisations in our community, and has my support in helping to achieve the future aims in any way that I am able to, but the Charity needs more than that. Financial support is, and will be, essential from all who are interested, willing and able to offer their support, whether private individuals, commercial organisations or charitable trusts. What the Reach for Health Centre is aiming to achieve initially will cost around £120,000 and when you consider the large number of people they are helping locally and what I know they can do for many more people in the future, it’s a target well worth aiming for.

The outstanding services that The Reach for Health Centre provides in improving the health and wellbeing of so many local people, my constituents, who have suffered a major health trauma or are living with a long-term or life-long illness are invaluable and my fear is what they contribute to the local health economy is grossly undervalued. None of us know what we may have to face in the future, but with our support we can ensure that, should we need it, this wonderful Centre will be there to embrace us.

If you would like to help, please get in touch with any of their hard-working trustees at the Centre.

Thank you.

Chris Heaton-Harris MP