The number of people over the age of 65 is predicted to rise to 24% of the population by 2035. In 1975 those living past 65 was only 14.1%. This increase is largely due to huge advances in modern medicine and people’s living conditions and lifestyle resulting in people living longer. This impacts in a number of ways, perhaps the most significant being that longer life often results in serious health conditions occurring. The increase in life expectancy of the population is already having a major impact on the NHS, Social care and the economy.  In future years this is only likely to become greater. It is therefore vital that we tackle two principal issues; we educate people in ways to improve their fitness, diet and lifestyle and find ways to deal with the need for health rehabilitation for those already affected and who will become affected by major health issues.

The Reach for Health Centre is striving to make a difference, to do more than just help people live longer, it is dedicated to adding quality of life to those extra years, thereby reducing the impact of major health issues and lower the cost to the NHS. However, promoting the appropriate activity with older people still remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. The benefits of staying active are even greater as we get older, exercise can be adapted to any medical condition, and like medication exercise follows a dose response curve. The lower the baseline levels of physical activity, the greater the health benefits associated with an increase in physical activity.

The team at The Reach for Health Centre achieves this by focusing on the impact that the health condition, developmental difficulty or resulting disability has had on the person’s life. This involves working in partnership with the person’s Health Professional and teaming up with the individual and those important to them. With the support of our dedicated local doctors, highly skilled nurses and other health professionals. 

Diabetes is costing the NHS £1.5 million pounds every hour! and ranks in the top 5 referrals we receive at Reach for Health.

A study showed 90 year olds rejuvenated strength of some 10-20 years in only 12 weeks of following a prescribed exercise program.

The W.H.O. attributes 37% of all coronary heart disease related deaths to inactivity.

Source: Office of National Statistics